Friday, 13 April 2012

Earth DAY Polazza!

Hey guys, on most of the websites I work on I will have Earth Day Palozza. I will only do it on this website- Yorks CP Cheats, Woddylans CP Cheats, Club Penguin Now, and Club Penguin Followers. I won't do it on or Club Penguin Better because Club Penguin Better only lets me post and nothing else!There will be contests, giveaways, and MUCH MORE! All of you can join. We will also get earth day tips and learn about endangred animals and more! You can also get designed printable items! I will also add special headers of this events on the websites that I will do it on! I have to ask Woddylan if I can do it on this site though!

So below here are some info

Day it starts: 4/12/2012

Day it ends: After earthday

More info soon

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