Friday, 13 April 2012

EDP: Polar Bears

So the first thing that we will do in earth day Polloza we will talk about Polor Bears and things that are going on to them!

Polar Bears are really endangered. They live in the artic and there white, cute bears! they used to be hunted years ago, but it is now against the law to hunt them. So now they are being endangered due to Global Warming! Global Warming destroys homes of animals, isn't that sad! There is a very small population of Polar Bears and if they continue to die they will soon be extinct. Extinct means when the last one dies and there is no more of a type of animal left! So lets try our best to keep them alive!

How to keep them alive:

  • Donate money to charties to keep them alive!
  • When you see a stuffed animal most of time you should buy it since the money you pay sometimes will get donated!
  • Talk to people and family members about it and tell them how it feels!
  • Start a charity, march, or program to save these animals!

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