The Team

York313 - Founder and Owner of York313's CP Cheats
About York313:

Hey Penguins! My name is York313. I love playing Club Penguin, I love posting comments on Youtube, and Lots More!. I have been playing Club Penguin for 2 Years now. And i enjoyed it a lot! I also like this game called "Poptropica."

GadgetGuy05 -Admin and Author

About GadgetGuy05

Hey I am a new author here, So I am Gadgetguy05! I will post anything here like cheats, new parties, Meeting new penguins for example Cadence, and much more! I will be often posting clean and organized cheats! So more about me. My favorite color is Green. I been playing Club Penguin for almost 4 years [since 2008]! I am rare and the first party I ever went to was the April Fools Party. Also I am Ten Years Old and I am some part of the US! 


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